Public Works

The City of Roy Public Works Department is responsible for all maintenance, repair and janitorial services for the City of Roy’s buildings, land and streets. (State Route 507 is WSDOT’s responsibility)

Public Works is also responsible for maintaining, repairing, monitoring, testing and operating the City of Roy Water System in compliance with the Washington State Department of Health.

Contacting the City of Roy Public Works Department:

216 McNaught St S
PO Box 700
Roy, WA 98580
(253) 843-1113
Public Works Director: William Starks Jr.
Public Works Assistant: Ryan Fuller

For utility billing service or questions, contact the Deputy Clerk at (253) 843-1113

The City of Roy Fee Schedule lists current service rates. The minimum monthly charges accrue whether the premises are occupied or vacant and during all temporary water shut-offs unless the shut-off is caused solely by the City.

To encourage water conservation, we have low-flow shower heads available at no cost to you!

Water Department Tips

    • Know where your meter box is located. Call City Hall if you need assistance.
    • Your meter box must be easily accessible – no vegetation, gravel, vehicles, dirt, etc. (Moles love to bury meter boxes.)
    • Legally, only the water department may shut off water at the meter. In case of emergency (broken pipes or other water leak situations) you may do so yourself.
    • If you suspect a leak, turn off all water fixtures in the house and outside faucets and irrigation systems. Open the meter box and record the reading of the small sweep hand and the numbered digits. Wait at least 20 minutes and take another reading. If the hand or digits have changed, you are losing water due to a leak. Check the inside fixtures and look outside for signs (wet/muddy spot, standing water). Consult a plumber if you have difficulty locating the problem.
    • Running toilets consume an incredible amount of water, and your bill will reflect it!
    • We read meters at the end of the month or on the first business day of the new month. We process bills the next day.
    • All connections and occupancies share the cost of care and maintenance of the system via the monthly base charge, which is shown on the bill in its two components, current and capital.
      Before making any alteration to the original design/use of your water connection, you must submit a plan for approval by the water department. This is to preserve the integrity of the water system and ensure the health of the community. Permit and inspection fees may apply.
      Irrigation, fire protection system, boiler or well? You must install and annually test your backflow prevention assembly. Again, this preserves the water system’s integrity and ensures the health of all users.
    • Water charges are made against the property, and the property owner must notify the city in writing of all changes in current mailing address and/or upon change of ownership.
    • You can find rates, city fee schedule, payment information, forms and city code (Title 9, Chapter 2 for water system regulations) right here on our website.
    • The Roy City Council welcomes your input at any meeting!
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