Mission, Vision, Goals & Core Values

We believe our City government will continuously carry out the Mission, Vision and Goals as we uphold our Core Values.

Mission: Roy is a Resourceful and Progressive Historic City with a focus on Community.

Vision: To provide Necessary and Valued Services which promote our sense of Community.


    • Provide Exceptional Service to Citizens of Roy
    • Conduct all City Business with Fiscal Integrity
    • Promote a Safe and Accessible Environment
    • Partner with Local Governments, Agencies and Resources to provide higher levels of Service
    • Improve City Infrastructure including Streets, Water System and Parks
    • Initiate Long-range Planning and Resource Development for a Sewer System in the City of Roy
    • Encourage Economic Growth
    • Promote a Business Friendly Environment
    • Provide Opportunity for Well-Planned Community Growth and Development

Core Values:

    • We will serve the Public with Respect and Integrity
    • We will be Responsive and Accountable to our Citizens
    • We will be Progressive, Innovative and Visionary

City Hall Hours:
7:30am - 5pm, Mon - Thu

City Clerk Office:
7:30am - 5pm, Mon - Thu

Court Office:
8:30am - 2pm, MTTF
(Closed Wednesdays)

City of Roy
216 McNaught St S
PO Box 700
Roy, WA 98580-0700

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